Professor Afksendiyos KALANGOS

Six Degrees of Connection. Love Life, Feed Life, Teach Life, Protect Life, Serve Life.

Join us for an interview with Professor Afksendiyos KALANGOS, Director of Pediatric Heart Surgery in Athens, Greece, who will share his ideas about Creative Society, a society where people would live happily as well as his envision of Healthcare in such society.

Based on the theory of six handshakes, every day we meet and communicate with new people from different countries, cities, of different professions and discuss Creative Society. If you are interested in participating in the following programs, getting to know your friends’ opinions, if you have any comments or suggestions for the project “Six Degrees of Connection”, email us at uae@allatraunites.com

The new project of ALLATRA International Public Movement. A creative society is a happy society

Conference: Creative Society. Ways to Achieve it. May 15th, 2021 

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